6.Bob C(non-registered)
Anatoli, you have a great eye. Macro composition is terrific.
5.Joe Lipniczky(non-registered)
Fantastic images. Simple, elegant, and hard to forget!
4.Howard Young(non-registered)
Very impressive perspective in utilizing shape and form. Candy for the eyes
3.Danilo Piccioni(non-registered)
scrolling thru your photography galleries is pure joy for the eyes.
I love the way you see the world and how you capture it.
keep up the great work.
Your biggest fan
2.Cole Williamson(non-registered)
Awesome photos Anatoli, love the artistic shift in your method of post processing...just fantastic from all aspects...congratulations...
1.jim thomas(non-registered)

I love your work! There is a very simple elegance in your compositions

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